Hey, we did it!

In March we hosted 50 millennials in Port Townsend, WA at a two day symposium. After hours of conversation, great food, and a few glasses of Finnriver Cider, Rethinking Rural grew some beautiful sparkly wings. We may have come up with the idea, but the participants at the symposium and their incredible willingness to collaborate and dig into the futures of their communities, gave credence to the legitimacy and need of an network like Rethinking Rural.

So now what?

Well, we wanted to share with you some stories from the symposium and also give you an update of what we’ve been up to since March and where we’re going. Since the symposium we’ve spent hours on the phone with our participants on follow-up interviews, compiling data on what these leaders need and want from an collective like us. Over the next few months we will use this info to build a plan for our future and it will be the base of whatever event or project Rethinking Rural dives into next.

Want to be involved? For this interim planning stage, we are looking for small sponsorships of $2,000 and we would love to chat with you about that. Our goal is to have a long-term plan in place and a new event or project on the horizon by this fall.

Want to know more?

Find more stories about symposium participants here:

WF Stories: Rethinking Rural 

We’d love to connect! Reach out to cofounder, Madeline Moore at madelineadmoore@gmail.com to sign up for updates

Rural Voices

  • Melony Edwards, Willowood Farm

  • Madeline Moore, Rethinking Rural

  • Malloree Weinheimer, Rethinking Rural

  • Juta Geurtsen, Idaho Arts Commission