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Chuffed Crowdfunding

Rural is getting the shaft and we need your help. This is our video for our crowdfunding campaign on


We interviewed the rural leaders from our 2018 Symposium to find out a bit more about what the work, struggles, successes, and hopes they have for their own rural communities.

Our 4 Year Plan

We took all that we learned from our cohort of leaders at our 2018 Symposium and through in-depth interviews to create a 4 year plan of where we’ll go next. 

2018 Symposium

Where it all started. The Rethinking Rural 2018 Symposium gathered together 50 rural millennial leaders from across the country to learn, share, and celebrate what we love about rural.

Rural Voices

  • Melony Edwards, Willowood Farm

  • Madeline Moore, Rethinking Rural

  • Malloree Weinheimer, Rethinking Rural

  • Juta Geurtsen, Idaho Arts Commission